Advanced Muscle Integration Technique in Geneva

Core Wellness Chiropractic and Anti-Aging Centre is excited to bring Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (the AMIT Technique) to Geneva IL. Using AMIT, patients can recover faster from injury, prevent future damage, and enhance their level of participation in life. Unlike conventional treatments, AMIT rapidly identifies and heals the root cause of injury and dysfunction, removes pain, reveals areas at risk, and improves performance without the use of drugs or surgery.

  • Do you have pain that comes and goes, on again, off again, regardless of whether you are working out or doing nothing?
  • Are certain moves difficult to reliably execute, no matter how hard you practice?
  • Do your muscles fatigue easily and/or you struggle to maintain good form for your entire game?
  • Does it seem like other athletes are performing better and more precisely than you, with much less effort?
  • Have you tried physical therapy, orthopedic consults, athletic trainers, injections, surgery, or even traditional chiropractic without lasting results?

For many athletes, the above questions often end in pain and frustration, can jeopardize their chances for scholarship money, and possibly end their ability to play. However, you don’t have to experience these roadblocks.

Advanced Muscle Integration Technique is the solution

AMIT is a revolutionary treatment that quickly identifies the root cause of your problem, the most common issues for athletes being pain during/after playing or decreased overall performance. Once the cause is treated, you are able to recover more quickly, prevent future recurrences, and take your performance to the next level, all without drugs or surgery.

How does AMIT work?

Athletes always strive for perfection, but the drive to be the best often pushes muscles beyond their limit by overloading the muscle. When a muscle becomes damaged by being asked to support either too much weight or too many repetitions, the body “deactivates” it to stop further injury.

Other muscles step in to do the job of this non-functioning muscle. These muscles try to compensate but since they are doing a job they weren’t designed to do, they eventually also fail, causing instability in the joints they support. As this cycle continues, it causes chronic pain, increases risk for further injury, and eventually, function deteriorates. Dr. Zanelli uses AMIT to re-activate these shut-down muscles so they can work at full function and your body can efficiently operate, pain-free, at its highest level of performance.

Who uses AMIT?

AMIT has achieved fantastic results resolving sports injuries, preventing their recurrence and attaining maximal performance. For over 35 years, elite athletes including John Stockton, Jeff Hornacek, Bill Romanowski, Steve Nyman, Torah Bright, Mark Eaton, and many others use AMIT to give them an edge over their competition.

Now, this revolutionary technique is available in the Chicagoland area, exclusively at Core Wellness Chiropractic – best chiropractor in Geneva, IL.

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